JOIN THE INNOVATION This is the verified and open source smart contract, where everyone are the administrators of the project. No one can modify or control the smart contract itself. The system and the transactions are PUBLIC in the Ethereum Blockchain.

Automatic Referrals

The system finds referrals for you by itself. Participants who came not via referral link become consolidated referrals and are distributed evenly between users starting from those who previously bought level 1.

Reccuring Income

Profit, received for all time in the project, can be repeated every month. The FEWER persons in Your structure use this function, the HIGHER your profit will be. All INactive referrals are also a "door" to all the referrals of the same line.

Absence Of Risk

Your costs in the project won't pass more than 0.1 ETH per month, wich will be returned with the first referral. No "payment requests" and no need to wait. Your funds are immediately transferred to your wallet.

Unable To Stop The System

Even if the project site will cease to exist, the eternal work of the system is guaranteed by smart contract and Ethereum blokchain.

Full Decentralizated

This is the System that no one controls. The human factor (including the admin factor) is completely absent. Nobody can stop, make changes to the System or to hold your funds. The open source smart contract cannot be removed from the Ethereum network.

All transactions are between participant

The administration of the project does not have access to your money, all calculations are made through a smart contract (it cannot be changed), which immediately redirects funds to the ETH wallet.

Inactive Referrals

Inactive referral multiplies your profit. INactive or dropped out referral - is a "passage" to the ALL referral of the same line. If your inactive referral is on the 5th line, You will receive 31 transfers + ADDITIONALY 32 more transcations from the all his 5th line referrals.

Referrals from your uplines

When all the 2 slots of your upline's from 1st to 10th line will be filled, the next referrals, invited by his ads, will be yours or will become referrals of Your own referrals from which you also make a profit.