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Download MetaMask from https://metamask.io/download.html
More info on https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015489531-Getting-Started-With-MetaMask-Part-1-?fbclid=IwAR0ttju1ocQmFRaGXZFWc77HVTh1dI2PfZgVAUunukD4OGen21F_jN7QTBU
Download Trust Wallet app
for Android from your playstore on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wallet.crypto.trustapp}
for iPhone from Applestore on https://apps.apple.com/us/app/trust-crypto-bitcoin-wallet/id1288339409
Click on create account, write down the 12 digits words on paper and verify them. Once you open a trust wallet, click on receive and copy your wallet address. Save 12 digits words carefully for potential future use!

You can buy 0.11 ETH by credit card inside of MetaMask OR send it to your wallet (from Coinbase, Binance...) 
This is one of the most important questions!

For the first time in the history of mankind, there is not 99%, but 100% guarantee that NO ONE CAN BLOCK YOUR wallet or your account, even the administration of the project (this is a feature of cryptocurrency).
Yes, indeed, such systems existed both 5 years ago and before the advent of the Internet, and they WORK.
However, it had several major problems:
1) Different payment systems constantly blocked the wallets of the participants.
2) Manual confirmation of transfers with all the ensuing consequences in the form of the human factor and constant proceedings, who transferred funds to whom and who did not.
3) There was no recurrence. A person once created a structure and once received money, albeit relatively large. And then all the turns went deep into the structure, and the participant did not get any more.
4) Closing or hacking a site meant a system crash, and hacking sites sometimes happened.
Cryptocurrency and Ethereum solves ALL these problems:
1) Wallet can not be blocked even in theory. The reverse side of the coin: in no case do not lose control over your wallet. It will be impossible to replace your wallet with others.
2) Public transactions and instant automatic confirmations. The human factor is excluded completely.
3) We made the function “REPEAT”, which the participants themselves had previously requested in other systems. Once created a structure and receive income every year.
If people in your structure do not prolong their participation every year – your income increases many times over.
4) Closing or hacking the site will in no way affect the operation of the system, since the Ethrun smart contract is loaded into the main Ethereum network, and cannot be deleted by anyone including its developers.
This means that for the first time in the history of mankind (no matter how loud it sounds), there are real 100% guarantees that the account will not be hacked, and even theoretically when the site is closed, the Smart Contract and the System itself will continue to exist in any case.
Moreover, any programmer in the world will be able to make a NEW site based on the same smart contract, and any leader of the structure can make a site structure in the same smart contract. Therefore, the system is protected from any actions of the project administration
It is impossible to sign up in the system without upline. If you do not specify any upline, the smart contract will not accept the transaction. That is one of the fundamental points on the idea level.
The “Data” field is NOT a commentary or additional feature of any wallet. This is an integral part of the Ethereum blockchain itself.
While automatic registration through a referral link or inviter’s QR-code all the data, including “ DATA “ field with the address of your upline, are specified automatically. You just have to click the “Sign up in 1 click” button.
Although the basis of the system is to build a structure from referrals, and referrals are the source of your profit, an interesting fact is that referrals are NOT REQUIRED.

In addition to the invitation,you can get referrals in two more ways: “Overflows” and “Free referrals”. For each of these methods, read below in the following paragraphs.

However, for smooth running of the system we highly recommend that you invite 2 new members soon. Then, try to help them to quickly get 2 new members each, too.

Personally, you can only invite 2 referrals, which are attached directly to you and are called “referrals of the 1st line”.

2 of your 1st line referrals (personally invited by You) also invite 2 of their referrals. These 4 participants in your structure are “referrals of the 2nd line”.

Then, by analogy, you have 8 referrals of the 3rd line and 16 referrals of the 4th line.

If you continue to invite referrals when you already have 2, then subsequent referrals are attached to the depth of your structure and become your referrals of the 2nd, 3rd and so on up to 10th line. This is called “overflow”.
More about “overflow” you can see in the next paragraph “What is “overflow “?”.

Overflow is the method of obtaining referrals from your uplines of all lines, at which, when filling all free slots with 2 referrals, the next goes to their referral by “overflow”, that means to you.

Example: Your 1st line upline (your inviter to the system) invited two referrals, and continued to invite further, or did not immediately stop advertising. The third referral “overflow” to you, means attached to you.
If you have already filled all two slots with referrals, then they also “overflow ” go even lower and attach to your referrals, becoming your second line referrals.

Free referrals are members of the system who have come for some reason WITHOUT a referral link.
Free referrals are distributed evenly throughout the system, and starting with those uplines, who earlier registered in the system.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Free referrals are distributed through the system NOT by a smart contract, but by the system of the site.
This is the ONLY thing that a smart contract does not make and that is why:
If free referrals were distributing by a smart contract, then with the growth of the System there would be huge calculations that would consume a huge amount of gas, which would not be beneficial for users.
Everything else, including the “overflow”, distributes by smart contract.

You can, but they will become free referrals and get to other members of the system, not you. Since the system does’t “know” you before you bought the 1st level.
Levels are bought only sequentially and in order. If you try to buy the 4th level without having the 3rd, then the smart contract will not accept the transfer. In this case, the money will not go anywhere and will remain with You
Ethereum – it is the second cryptocurrency after Bitcoin by popularity, and the first, by popularity, in smart contracts.
Features of the project on the Ethereum smart contract:
1) Your Ethereum wallet can’t be blocked or hached even theoretically.
2) ETHRUN system – a code, uploaded to the main Ethereum network. This can’t be deleted or changed in that network. It means that Your account and ETHRUN system aswell can’t be hacked or blocked even in theory.
3) The code is completely open, and any programmer in the world can make sure that the algorithm works this way and not otherwise.
4) All transactions are public and accepts automatically. Funds DIRECTLY go to Your Wallet, so you don’t need to confirm or request payments. The human factor is excluded completely.
5) Even if the ETHRUN site ceases to exist and the administration disappears, the ETHRUN smart contract in the Ethereum network will continue to exist, and it means that the System itself will continue its work. Even in this case all the accounts and payments will continue to work properly. Any programmer in the world can make a site mirror of the same smart contract as the entire system, as well as a specific group.
6) You can invite referrals without a website at all. To register a referral you must send to the address of the smart contract 0.08 ETH and in the field “Input DATA ” specify the address of your upline.
7) Ethereum cryptocurrencies allows to use Repeat function, saving decentralization and transfers directly between the parties through the smart contract.
Your account remains in the System forever, and at any time you can extend the levels and again receive income.
The “REPEAT” function is an option that allows you to repeat the profit you have earned all the time every month.
In addition, each of your referrals who dropped out of the system, multiplies your reward.
Everywhere on the site we write that there is NO RISK in the system. We mean by this that all money is transferred immediately to your wallet and stored on it. This means that there is NO RISK.

However, it is worth considering that in the time interval between your registration and the registration of your first referral, a situation is created in which you have transferred to your upline 0.10 ETH, but have not yet received them back from your first referral.
Therefore, technically the maximum theoretical risk is 0.10 ETH. These 0.10 ETH will be returned to you immediately fully from the first referral.

Even if you specifically DIDN’T INVITE ANY SINGLE REFERRAL, sooner or later you will still receive referrals in the following ways without your participation:
1) by overflow from your uplines,
2) free referral from the System.
Therefore, even this symbolic risk tends to 0.

The most likely reason – the low price of gas (Gwei). The current price of gas can be found here: https://etherscan.io/gastracker
The most likely cause is a small value of the gas limit. We recommend setting a gas limit of 400,000.
Some ethereum wallets, for example, Trust Wallet, sets the Gas Limit to 1000000 by default. Remind that this does NOT mean that you will be charged more, this means that there should be a reserve on the wallet.Try to reduce this amount to 400000.

If after all it is still written that there are not enough funds, then, perhaps, the Ethereum network is loaded more than usual, for example, 20 Gwei or 40 Gwei (the normal value is 5 Gwei). In this case, you can wait until the load on the network decreas. You can reduce (FOR A LITTLE) the price of gas by yourself, but then the transaction will take longer in time up to several hours instead of several seconds. Also You can add some funds to the wallet, so that was enough to make a transaction.

Please note that the estimated commission that was written on the transaction is NOT the actual commission, but its maximum possible value if the entire Gas Limit is used up. The real transaction fee will be much less.

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